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TUESDAY MAY 22, 2019

Stephen Lecce,
MPP King-Vaughn – Premier’s Parliamentary Assistant
Gary Crawford,
City Budget Chief
Mike Layton,
City Councillor, Member of Budget committee
Stephen Holyday,
City Councillor, Deputy Mayor

Toronto’s mayor calls a move by Premier Doug Ford to offer in-depth financial audits of the finances of Ontario municipalities a 7 million dollar public relations exercise by the government of Ontario. John Tory has released a statement … which says … “It does no good getting money for a line-by-line audit that’s already being done without consideration from the province of the fact that these retroactive, mid-year cuts will seriously hurt residents and families” The mayor says he is “committed to finding more and great efficiencies” — but is urging the Ford government to halt the current cuts estimated at 178 million dollars.Libby speaks to MPP Stephen Lecce, the Premier’s Parliamentary Assistant, City of Toronto Budget Chief Gary Crawford and Deputy Mayor and Councillor Stephen Holyday, City Councillor and Budget Committee Member Mike Layton.


Blair Feltmate,
Head of the Intact Centre for Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo
Peter Katageorgos,
Director, Consumer & Industry Relations (Ontario) at Insurance Bureau of Canada
John Jarvis,
Remax Real Estate, Muskoka

In the next two weeks Lake Ontario is predicted to rise to levels that exceed the records set just two years ago in 2017.

Meantime in the next year the Federal Government will be releasing updated maps outlining newly researched flood plains, and these re allocations could have a drastic effect on real estate values.

Libby speaks to Professor Blair Feltmate from the University of Waterloo, who works with homeowners to reduce the impacts of extreme weather, with Peter Karageorgos from the Insurance Bureau of Canada who talks about the insurance implications of flooding, and with John Jarvis from Remax Real Estate in Muskoka on how flooding affects property values.

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